Update 6: Undersea Cable Disruptions Affect Data Services


Update 6: Undersea Cable Disruptions Affect Data Services

28th March, 2024: The National Communications Authority (NCA) wishes to provide an update on the repair to the damage of the submarine cables which occurred on 14th March, 2024, and resulted in the disruption of data services in Ghana.

The NCA has engaged with the four (4) Submarine Cable Service Providers (SAT-3, ACE, WACS and MainOne) to receive updates on the progress of the repair works; they indicated that two (2) vessels would be involved in the repair works as follows:

  1. SAT-3 reported that their repair vessel set sail on 19th March, 2024, from Cape Town, South Africa and that the vessel is expected to be within the vicinity of the fault area on 29th March, 2024. Repair work will begin immediately.

SAT-3 expects that the repair works will be completed by the second week of April, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

  • MainOne, WACS and ACE reported that they are working together and have jointly commissioned a repair vessel. This second repair vessel set sail from London, UK, on 24th March, 2024 and is enroute to the first point of call by 8th April, 2024. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the expected time of restoration of the cables would be 9th May, 2024 as per the schedule below:
  • ACE – to be completed by 17th April, 2024
  • WACS – to be completed by 28th April, 2024
  • MainOne – to be completed by 9th May, 2024

The general public is reminded to note that these dates are tentative and that the Authority will issue an update in the event of new developments.