Benchmarking Visits


Benchmarking Visits

The National Communications Authority (NCA) continues to open its doors to Regulators, Governments and International organisations within the ICT space across the world. As an organisation that is geared towards becoming a world-class communications regulator, it is necessary that as part of international best practices, we benchmark other industry regulators and as well, be prepared to receive other industry regulators for benchmarking purposes.

To streamline these visits and to ensure that benchmarking visits are properly planned to achieve their intended objectives, the NCA requires all prospective international benchmarking visitors to:

  • Complete a Visitor’s Request Form with a cover letter to the Authority at least six (6) weeks prior to the preferred visiting date.
  • Requesting organisations can equally download and fill out the attached form and forward it to
  • Organisations should ensure they receive a confirmation/approval for their requests before making travel arrangements.

Download forms below

Benchmark Visit Request Form