Authorised Radio Stations

Authorised Radio Stations

Authorised VHF-FM Radio Stations as at Fourth Quarter of 2023

The National Communications Authority (NCA), has given frequency authorisations to 747 FM Broadcasting Stations in Ghana. Out of the total number of authorised FM Broadcasting Stations, 550 stations are currently operational as at Fourth Quarter, 2023.

Below is a breakdown of Authorisations in Classification groups:

  •     31    Public Radio Stations
  •     5      Public (Foreign) Radio Stations
  •     137  Community Radio Stations
  •     25    Campus Radio Stations and
  •     549  Commercial Radio Stations

Below are the definitions of the various classification of FM Stations:
a)   Public – all stations owned and operated by the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) and/or any other station established by the Government of Ghana by a statutory enactment.
b)  Public Foreign – stations established by Foreign Governments through diplomatic arrangements to rebroadcast/relay content from foreign countries e.g. BBC, RFI, VoA.
c)   Commercial – those that are privately owned and operated for profit and controlled privately by independent commercial groups or individuals.
d)  Community – a non-profit broadcasting service provided for a specific marginalised community by a radio or television station whose ownership and management are representative of the community for which the service is provided.
e)   Campus – a station operated within the ambit of educational institutions.

The details of the authorised FM radio broadcasting stations can be downloaded below:

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