Surfline’s Service Outage


Surfline’s Service Outage

18th May, 2023: The National Communications Authority (NCA) has noted with grave concern inquiries by the public regarding Surfline’s operations and service outage. The NCA confirms that it is aware of Surfline’s service outage and has been engaging with the company to offer support to ensure that subscribers involved are protected.

The Authority has in the past several months continued engagement with Surfline following a formal communication by the company to shut down its Radio Access Network due to some operational challenges. The NCA’s engagements with Surfline were intended to give the company the opportunity to:

  1. Resolve issues concerning its indebtedness to its Service Providers
  2. Publish information on its service outage to its subscribers
  3. Ensure that customers who have purchased data plans do not lose their data, and where applicable, appropriate compensation paid by Surfline to customers for any loss of service
  4. Commence the process to initiate bulk-delinking of Surfline SIMs from the Central SIM Database in the event the company fails to resume its operations and in relation to this, enable consumers to keep only their registered active SIMs.

As we work for successful implementation of the above ongoing regulatory measures, the NCA would like to assure the general public, particularly subscribers of Surfline of our sustained commitment to protect the interest of all users of telecommunications services as well as stakeholders within the Industry.