Broadband Wireless Access Licencing

Public Consultation

Broadband Wireless Access Licencing

In accordance with its mandate under the Electronic Communications Act, 2008, Act 775, and the National Telecommunications Policy 2005 (NTP’05), the Authority is seeking to award licenses for the provision of Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) Licenses in the 2500 – 2690 MHz frequency band.

NCA Broadband Wireless Access Licensing Public Consultation Process

Consultation Responses

Below are the comments/responses that have reached the Authority for the BWA Consultation. The process is still on-going and we await comments/responses from operators and service providers, users, the academia, and the general public  – both national and international.

All comments will be posted here.

 1. PresentationResponse Documents
 2.  PDF
 3. Ghana Telecommunications Company (Vodafone  Ghana) PDF/ MS Word
 4. Response from Philip Carse PDF/ MS Word
 5. Comments from Intel Corporation PDF
 6. Response from Franklin Kofi Fait of Crush FM – a division of Mcperry Multimedia Limited, Ghana. PDF/ MS Word
 7. Reliance WiMAX World Coversheet (PDF/ MSWord)             
 Comments (PDF/ MS Word)
 8. Scancom (MTN Ghana) PDF/ MS Word
 9. GISPA -Ghana Internet Service Providers Association PDF/ MS Word
 10. Percy Okae PDF/ MS Word
 11. Smile Telecoms PDF/ MS Word
 12. Qualcomm Coversheet (PDF/ MSWord)              Comments (PDF/ MS Word)
 13. Fidelity Wireless Limited PDF/ MS Word
 14. Samsung Electronics (UK) Limited PDF/ MS Word
 15. Infra Max Limited, Ghana PDF
 16. Dr. Patrick Buah (KRON Telecommunications Limited) PDF/ MS Word
 17. Praveen Sadalage  PDF/ MS Word