Value Added Services (VAS)

Value Added Services (VAS)

Traditionally, Value Added Services (VAS) have been defined as enhanced services, which add value to the standard or core tele-services offerings like voice calls and fax transmission. Typical examples of value added services include call related services such as call waiting, call forwarding, multiparty conferencing, voice mail, other services like email, Short Messaging Services (SMS), Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS) etc.

Payment System Providers
Marketing- Premium billed contest, subscription services, group functions, incentives and promotions
Advertising-Drive purchases to target markets
Commerce- Transaction fees for the redemption of coupons, point of sale purchases and micro payments (Mobile Payment Systems.
Bulk Text messages, Picture messages, Ring tones, Graphics, Games, Mobile Internet Sites, Videos, Multimedia, Call Directory and Call Centre services, Mobile health, mobile insurance, etc. [include the provisions of the L.I.1991]
All Services using or depending on Short Codes (ie. SMS, MMS, USSD based applications, etc.)
Special Numbering Service
Polls and Contests (i.e. e-voting,)
m-commerce (banking applications, mobile recharges, etc)
Intelligent Network (IN) Services ( i.e. Call divert, DNB, etc)
Color Ring Back Tone (CBRT)
Location dependent services, etc.
Vehicle Tracking Services
Machine to Machine Communication Services

A license shall not be required for the establishment or operation of value added services but a provider and an operator of an electronic communications service or network who intends to provide value added services using radio frequency shall apply to the Authority for the right to use the radio frequency for that purpose.

Despite the provision that a licence is not required for the provision of value added service over the public communications system, a person who intends to provide value added service to the public shall before the commencement of the service apply for registration.

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Value Added Services Providers as at 30th June, 2015