Mobile Virtual Network Operations (MVNO)

Mobile Virtual Network Operations (MVNO)

An MVNO is a wireless communications service provider that does not own the wireless network infrastructure or the frequency spectrum over which it provides services to its customers.

A potential MVNO enters into a business agreement with a mobile network operator to obtain access to network services at an agreed rate. An MVNO may use its customer service, billing mechanisms, and marketing strategies.
Technical Information
An MVNO is an entity that does not have a spectrum of its own for Access Services but is licenced to provide Access Services to its customers through an agreement with any Licenced Access Provider (also called an MNO]). The MVNO shall not possess spectrum for access services in any manner including licensing of the spectrum.

MVNOs shall be introduced as distinct Service Providers with their own licensing and regulatory framework.

The NCA issued two (2) full MVNO Licences in 2015, but none of them have begun operations.

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