National ITU-T E.164 Numbering Plan

Numbering Plan is a type of numbering scheme put in place for the management and administration of numbering resources structured in a standard format to provide unique telephone addresses and identities to user-to-network interface, services or end user.

The number plan introduced by the Authority has enormous benefits which includes:

The NCA is mandated by Acts 769 and 775 to develop and administer the National Electronic Numbering resources and provides guidelines on allocation and use of numbering resources.

Among the National Electronic Numbering resources is a category which are non-geographic and non-network dependent known as the Special Numbering Resources (SNR).

Non-geographic and non-network dependent codes used in sending voice or data.

They include Short Codes, Premium Rate Numbers, Toll Free Numbers, and Shared Cost Numbers and are used for carrying voice and data.

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