Special Numbering Resources(SNR) is managed by the Authority as mandated by Acts 769 and 775. The Authority amongst others, develops and administers the National Electronic Numbering resources and provides guidelines on allocation and use of numbering resources.

Among the National Electronic Numbering resources is a category which are non-geographic and non-network dependent known as the Special Numbering Resources . These include Short Codes, Premium Rate Numbers, Toll Free Numbers, and Shared Cost Numbers and are used for carrying voice and data.

Short Codes are Numbers that are shorter than the ITU-T E.164 format and may be used for short message services (SMS) which have become popular for providing Value Added Services (VAS). These services include premium rate communication services offered by licensed Value Added Services Providers (VASP).

For a company to be issued with short codes, Premium numbers, toll free, share cost etc., there is an application form to be completed.  In addition to the completed form; the following items are required to be submitted as well;
1.    Application Cover Letter
2.    A completed Application Form
3.    Business Registration Documents (for first time applicants)
4.    Copy of any recognized valid National ID of the contact person

When all these documentation are provided, the application is reviewed to ensure that all the necessary requirements have been met with the payment of the non-refundable application fee.

However, a company can be denied for the services if it is not of good standing with the Authority.  When application is approved, the requisite payment for the codes are made and a final certificates that validates the use of the codes are issued to the applicant.

Download the SNR application forms for below.