Public Consultation on Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC) User Guidelines


Public Consultation on Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC) User Guidelines

19th March, 2024: The National Communications Authority (NCA) wishes to bring to the attention of all stakeholders and the general public that it has published the draft Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC) User Guidelines for feedback /comments.

The DRC is set up with jurisdiction to settle various disputes between entities in the telecommunications industry. The jurisdiction of the DRC applies to disputes:

  1. among different network operators or service providers;
  2. between network operators or service providers and a utility provider;
  3. between a network operator or service provider and a consumer.

The User Guidelines for the DRC serve as a comprehensive guide for all stakeholders in the electronic communications industry and provides a practical understanding of the operations of the Committee.

In pursuance of Section 4.1 of the National Telecommunication Policy (2005) and Section 5(h) of the National Communications Authority Act, 2008 (Act 769), the Authority invites views and comments on the Dispute Resolution Committee User Guidelines, accessible on the Authority’s website (

The public consultation commences on 20th March, 2024 and ends on 24th April, 2024. All responses and comments should be electronically sent as e-mail attachments in Microsoft Word format to All respondents are also requested to complete a response cover sheet (see attached).

The NCA wishes to state that, in furtherance of transparency and openness, the Authority shall consider all responses as non-confidential.

Stakeholders and the general public are entreated to review the User Guidelines and submit comments, if any, by the deadline stated. It is worth noting that the Authority will proceed with the implementation of the Guidelines if no comments are received.

You may click on the link below to download the User Guidelines: