SIM Renting in Ghana is Illegal

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SIM Renting in Ghana is Illegal

19th September, 2023 – The attention of the National Communications Authority (NCA) has been drawn to the leasing/renting of Subscriber Identity Modules (SIMs) by some individuals and entities to foreigners and nationals in Ghana.

The NCA wishes to state categorically that such individuals and entities and their mode of operations have not been sanctioned by the Authority. Their business model is classified as pre-registration of SIMs for use and as such contravenes Section 73b (1) of the Electronic Communications (Amendment) Act, 2016 which states that, ‘A person shall not deal in a pre-registered subscriber identity module or user identity module’.

This unauthorised and illegal service violates the objective of the SIM Registration Exercise which seeks to link a SIM to a verified identity of an individual as a means of curbing criminal activities and maintaining a SIM database with integrity. In addition, usage of this service means that compliance with the Data Protection Act cannot be established. Users also run the risk of privacy issues due to the probability that a new user will have access to data that may have been transacted on the SIM previously by the former user.  Given the process of usage of these SIMs, identity theft likewise becomes a matter of concern in the renting of SIMs.

With regards to the above, all entities and individuals engaged in this business are to cease and desist with immediate effect. Visiting and resident foreigners, citizens and prospective users are also cautioned against the patronage of the service or risk the repercussions as indicated in Section 73b (2) of the Electronic Communications (Amendment) Act, 2016.

The NCA continues to urge all prospective SIM users to follow the approved procedure by using a Ghana Card (citizen and non-citizen) or passport (visiting foreigners) to acquire a SIM for use in Ghana.

For further information on the SIM registration process, please visit the NCA’s website via or call toll free 0800110622 or hotline 0307011419.