SIM Registration – Subscribers with Incomplete Registration to be Disconnected from March 10

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SIM Registration – Subscribers with Incomplete Registration to be Disconnected from March 10

27th February, 2023 – The National Communications Authority (NCA) wishes to remind subscribers who have completed Stage One (1) but not Stage Two (2) of their SIM registration, as part of the ongoing SIM Registration Exercise, to immediately do so or risk having their SIMs disconnected after 10th March, 2023.

It will be recalled that the Minister for Communications and Digitalisation directed that subscribers who have not completed their registration as of 30th November, 2022 should be disconnected. After this directive had been adhered to, the NCA has noticed that there have been additional Stage One (1) registrations which are yet to be completed.

To this end, the general public should take note that:

  1. Subscribers that have done Stage One (1) are to complete their SIM registrations (Stage 2) by Friday, 10th March, 2023, failing which these SIMs will be deactivated from their network(s).
  2. Henceforth, subscribers who begin the registration process (Stage 1) and do not complete their registration within a period of two (2) weeks will have their SIMs deactivated from their network(s).

To reiterate, the importance of the SIM Registration Exercise is to develop and build a SIM database with integrity which will assist in curbing fraudulent activities.

The NCA continues to urge all subscribers to complete their SIM registrations with their Ghana Cards to avoid deactivation.

Please take note that per the policy directive of the Ministry of Communications and Digitalisation, subscribers who have challenges completing Stage 2 of their registrations should contact the NCA on 0800 110 622 (working hours only) or via or their respective Network Operators for assistance.

 Issued by the National Communications Authority:

No. 6 Airport City, Accra
Tel: (0)30 – 2776621/2771701 or 050-145-1522/3
Date – 27th February, 2023