<strong><u>ERICSSON, NCA Share Knowledge on 5G  </u></strong>

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ERICSSON, NCA Share Knowledge on 5G  

24th February, 2023 – Ericsson Technology and the National Communications Authority (NCA) have organised a workshop on 24th February, 2023 at the NCA Tower to share ideas on 5G and update each other on the trends as far as 5G is concerned.

Opening the session, Mr. Richard Kwaku Arthur, Country Manager for Ericsson Technology, acknowledged the NCA for hosting the workshop, which provides a unique platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration. He stated that the workshop is to offer an avenue to brainstorm, share experiences, collaborate, and support the technological industry and the advent of 5G. “The key takeaway during the 2022 workshop was the best approach to making 3G faster and more efficient, as well as the steps that need to be taken to get ready for the evolution of 5G,” he said. He added that Ericsson considers the continuous knowledge-sharing essential to the telecommunications industry in Ghana.

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ERICSSON, NCA Share Knowledge on 5G