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Guidelines on Regulatory Aspects of QoS


Guidelines on Regulatory Aspects of QoS

The Supplement 9 to ITU-T E-series Recommendations (ITU-T E.800- Series) on Guidelines on Regulatory Aspects of QoS is an approved recommendation by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) which offers information on regulatory dimensions of quality of Service (QoS) supplementary to guidelines provided in the recommendations of E.800 series of the ITU-T.

The purpose of this document is to provide assistance for regulators and administrations in need of desired levels of Qos for the achievement of ICT services within the area for which they are responsible.

It is also to provide further guidance to telecommunications regulatory authorities across the world on best practices and policies regarding service quality.

This document therefore serves as a significant reference in the QoS Regulations and Licensing regime.

Download the document below:

NB: The Lead Editor for this Ghana-led revision work, Mr. Samuel Agyekum, is a staff of the NCA who received support from associate editors from Zambia and Botswana.