RE: NCA Backtracks On Radio Gold, Others Not Having Their Original Frequencies


RE: NCA Backtracks On Radio Gold, Others Not Having Their Original Frequencies

Accra, 25th October, 2021: The attention of the National Communications Authority (NCA) has been drawn to a publication on dated 24th October, 2021 and titled: “NCA backtracks on Radio Gold, others not having their original frequencies”. The caption of the publication creates the impression that the NCA had made a decision not to grant the original frequencies of Radio Gold and other defunct radio stations and has subsequently reversed the decision.

The NCA wishes to correct this erroneous impression considering that the decision to assign the original frequencies to applicants which previously held them had already been made at the time of announcing the Board approval of the said applications.

However, the frequencies were to be communicated to the stations only after the payment of the requisite authorization fees as is the case for all new applicants for FM radio broadcasting station authorisations.

It is the practice of the NCA, since its inception, to disclose frequencies to be assigned to FM radio broadcasting stations only after the successful applicants have paid the authorization fees thereby fulfilling the conditions of their provisional authorisations. This was the position stated by the Ag. Head of Engineering, Rev. Ing. Edmund Yirenkyi Fianko on JoyNews’ Newsfile edition of 23rd October, 2021. The Director General, Mr. Joe Anokye sent the message confirming the grant of the original frequencies only to allay the fears of panelists who expressed concern that the original frequencies may not be assigned to the said stations.

The general public is informed that the NCA has preserved the original frequencies of the said stations since their close down and this should indicate the Authority’s long held intentions in this regard. 

Issued by the National Communications Authority:

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Date – 25th October, 2021

About NCA

The National Communications Authority, (NCA), was established by an Act of Parliament, Act 524 in December 1996, which has been repealed and replaced by the National Communications Authority Act, 2008 (Act 769). The Authority is the statutory body mandated to license and to regulate electronic communication activities and services in the country.