Public Consultation on Draft QoS Regulations, 2019


Public Consultation on Draft QoS Regulations, 2019

The National Communications Authority (NCA) has published the draft Quality of Service Regulations, 2019, for stakeholder comments.  The Authority intends to introduce these Regulations to implement a Quality of Service Standards Framework to cater for the technological developments within the electronic communication industry.

The purpose of the regulations will be to guide in the assessment of the quality of services being provided by telecommunications network providers via Voice, Data & Text.  Said services will be measured based on defined KPIs and methodologies outlined in the new regulations. Findings will be published for public information in various public mediums.

In addition, these regulations will facilitate the following –

  • Consumers will be well informed on the quality of service obligations that service providers are required to meet in their service delivery.
  • Improve the operation and performance of Service Providers.
  • Create a healthy competitive environment

The NCA considers stakeholder involvement in its activities as well as in the sharing of information to be vital for the efficient regulation of the electronic communications industry. It is in this regard that the Authority provides such opportunities for members of the general public to make their contributions in the development and use of these guidelines within the industry.

Accordingly, in pursuance of Section 4.1 of the National Telecommunication Policy (2005) and Section 5(h) of the National Communications Authority Act, 2008, Act 769, the Authority hereby invites views and comments on the Draft Quality of Service Regulations, 2019, which can be accessed on the Authority’s website,

The public consultation for the draft document begins on 26th February, 2019 and ends on 8th April, 2019.


  1. a.      All responses/comments should be electronically sent as e-mail attachments, in Microsoft word format to info@localhost
  2. b.     All respondents are requested to complete a response cover sheet (annexed A). The cover sheet can also be downloaded from the Authority’s website.

This process was started three (3) years ago and has been reviewed to include other services within the industry.

In furtherance of transparency, the Authority shall consider all responses as non-confidential therefore all submissions shall be published on the Authority’s website after they have been reviewed.

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