National Communications Authority (NCA) Management and staff enjoy a healthy day


National Communications Authority (NCA) Management and staff enjoy a healthy day

Management and staff of the National Communications Authority (NCA) enjoyed a healthy day on Saturday, 8th April, 2017.

They started the day at 7:45 a.m. with a walk from the El-Wak Stadium to the Burma Camp Recreational Centre in Burma Camp. The staff had a brief time with assigned soldiers who took them through safety pointers, available safety interventions for any issues that may arise during the walk.

The staff were heralded during the walk by a brass band as well as police and Military personnel. There was a lot of semi dancing on the street as they progressed to the Burma Camp Recreational Center.


Management and staff in a group picture 

On arrival at the Recreational Centre, the Deputy Director, Human Resource, Mr. Charles Amoah-Wilson welcomed staff to the centre and commended them on a successful walk. He also gave them a brief outline of activities for the day.


       Mr. Charles Amoah-Wilson giving NCA staff an outline of the Health Day activities

The staff were taken through some aerobic routines and health checks for sugar levels, screening for both breast and prostate cancer amongst others.

The Ag. Director General of the Authority, Mr. Joe Anokye, also congratulated staff on their commitment in participating in the health day. He encouraged staff to live healthy life styles and to cultivate healthy relationships with their colleagues at work.


Mr. Joe Anokye addressing staff during the Health Day 

The staff enjoyed a healthy breakfast after which they were taken through health talks on what they should eat, drink and the need for ensuring good sleeping habits. A health talk can certainly not be without touching on healthy and appropriate exercise and this was emphasised by the health personnel at the centre.


It is Basketball Time!

Group and individual games were organised and in some cases representing staff from the regional offices were collectively pitched against officers from the Head office. They engaged in volley ball, basketball and some board games.

The health day ended at 2:30 p.m. with a healthy send-off lunch.