NCA Observes WCR- Day with a Consumer Roadshow


NCA Observes WCR- Day with a Consumer Roadshow

The National Communications Authority (NCA) celebrated this year’s international World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD), with a Road Show at the Tema Station in Accra Central. The day is celebrated on 15th March of every year. The Road show was organised under the theme “Know Your Telecom Right” and the event was aimed at educating and informing traders and commuters of their rights as consumers of telecommunication services. The Authority also took the opportunity to educate the target audience on the activities of the Authority, Digital Migration, certified TVs and Set Up Boxes, Unsolicited Electronic Communications (UEC) as well as the Authority’s Consumer Complaint Processes.

Mavis Obeng of the Authority’s Consumer and Corporate Affairs Division emphasized the Authority’s concern for consumers and encouraged the gathering to approach the Authority in any of its offices located nationwide with their unresolved complaints. Mavis spoke on the need for consumers and the public to be well informed of their right to an appreciable quality of service from their mobile service providers.  

The roadshow begun with attending staff from the Authority’s Engineering, Regulatory Administration divisions and the Regional offices moving throughout the station and educating the traders, commuters and workers within the premises on consumer issues. Informative flyers were also distributed to them during the face to face interactions.

During the event NCA branded souvenirs such as mugs, towels, measuring tapes and exercise books were given out to consumers and members of the public who came to the stand as well as those who answered questions on the educational information and winners of the dancing competitions.

NCA informative stickers with the Authority’s toll free numbers and contact details nationwide were pasted on a lot of passenger vehicles within the premises.

A member of the audience, Mr. Baba Sabah, in an interview during the roadshow encouraged the Authority to organise more of such events to ensure that people in both the rural and urban areas are fully informed and aware of their rights as consumers. He expressed his gratitude to the Authority for coming to their door-steps and proposed that consumer rights day be celebrated twice in a year.

Baba Spirit was the MC for the event.

About World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD)

The World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD) is celebrated on 15th March worldwide. It is an occasion for expression of solidarity within the international consumer movement. It marks the date in 1962 when President John F Kennedy first outlined the definition of Consumer Rights.

Various countries take opportunity of the day to educate consumers and the general public on their rights to be respected and protected. Other countries also use the day to protest against consumer abuse and mishandling.

After JFK outlined what consumer rights are, the WCRD was first  formally observed on 15th March 1983, and has since become an important occasion for mobilizing citizen attention and action. Internationally, the day was celebrated under the theme “Building a Digital World Consumers Can Trust”

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Date – Tuesday, 14th March, 2017

Editor’s Note

About NCA

The National Communications Authority, (NCA), was established by an Act of Parliament, Act 524 in December 1996, which has been repealed and replaced by the National Communications Authority Act,  2008 (Act 769). The Authority is the statutory body mandated to license and to regulate electronic communication activities and services in the country.

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