NCA launches Web Customer Portal (ASMS)


NCA launches Web Customer Portal (ASMS)

As part of the efforts to reduce the issues with manual submission of applications, the National Communications Authority (NCA) has launched an online platform for individuals and companies to submit applications. The online platform referred to as the Web Consumer Portal (WebCP) is a module integrated with the Automated Spectrum Management System (ASMS) that allows customers to accurately complete and submit their applications online. This helps resolve the issue of incomplete application submission of data into the ASMS and promotes the gradual adoption of a paperless environment.
The WebCP platform will run concurrently with the manual submissions for a period of one year after which the manual submissions would be halted. Workshops have been organized across the country to take the general public through the online application process. Hard copies of the WebCP manual were also printed and distributed to individuals who attended the workshop.

Click below to download a copy of the WebCP manual

• Introduction to the WebCP