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SIM Card Identification

Press Release: SIM Card Registration

At the expiration of the period for SIM Card Registration on June 30, 2011, the National Communications Authority (NCA) announced a 90-day mop-up period following which a review of progress of the entire exercise will be conducted with a view to bringing it to closure.


Status Of The SIM/Chip Registration Exercise

The National Communications Authority (NCA) has given a grace period of 90 days to persons whose data submitted during the SIM registration exercise faced challenges.

Chip/SIM Identification

The National Communications Authority (NCA) announces for the information of the General Public that from 1st July, 2010, ALL Mobile Phone Operators in the country will start collecting information aimed at identifying existing and new subscribers to their respective networks. Existing mobile phone subscribers will continue using SIM cards/chips as they are until 30th June 2011 by which time they expected to have completed filling in their details with respective Mobile Phone Operators.

Why Identity Your Chip

Ghana as part of the global village has embraced information and communications technology to be one of the driving forces for economic growth. This we have done through the liberalisation of the telecommunication industry, having introduced competition by licensing six mobile network operators and several internet service providers. After more than a decade of this competitive environment, we can now boast of being one of the countries in Sub-Sahara Africa with a very favourable tele-density. By the NCA’s figures, as of December 2009, more than 65% of the Ghanaian population now have access to some form of communication – voice or data communication.

Benefits Of Chip Identification

Owners who register their SIM may enjoy the following benefits: Getting your phone number back easily: if you lose your phone or have it stolen, you can have a new chip with the same number easily since that number has been registered in your name. The information that you provide to your network operator during the registration period is enough proof of the fact that you own that number.

Chip Identification Plan

The project aims at getting both new and existing phone subscribers to consensually provide their identification details to the network operators. It is planned to take 18 months starting from Tuesday the 28th of January 2010 and shall end on 30th June 2011.