NCA Declares Scancom (MTN) as SMP

The National Communications Authority (NCA), has declared Scancom Ghana Ltd. (MTN) as a Significant Market Power (SMP). This decision has since been communicated to the operator.


This is in line with the mandate of the Authority under Section 4.3 of the National Telecommunications Policy, 2005, which states that in the absence of an NCA determination of different standard in a specific case, SMP will be determined to exist for an organisation providing telecommunications services that controls at least 40% of a relevant market segment.


The latest statistics received from the industry as at Friday, 5th June, 2020, shows a worrying trend amongst Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) which demands immediate action to correct the growing market imbalance and creation of a near monopoly in the telecoms sector. This imbalance exposes the country to the dictates of the dominant operator, militates against effective competition and impacts negatively upon investment in the sector.


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National Communications Authority Declares Scancom (MTN) as a Significant Market Power