you can move from one mobile network to another and still retain your existing mobile telephone number
Change to a Different Network

Change to a Different Network Without Changing Your Number

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is a process which allows mobile subscribers to change from one network to another without changing any part of their mobile number.  It was implemented in Ghana on July 7, 2011 to give the consumer the opportunity to port his or her number.

The system is a centralised port order process that meets all the requirement associated with the port order flows and timelines.  It integrates with all the operators to ensure efficiency and speed in the porting process.  To start the process, you first have to visit a shop or an agent of the network you wish to join.  The new network will guide you through the process of which you would be required to complete and sign the porting request form.  A validation SMS would be sent from your phone and provided with a chip for your new network.  The port is initiated by the new network and message is sent to the customer to change the chip.

 As far as porting is free in Ghana, there are some few reasons for which porting can be rejected by the recipient network (New Network).  These reasons are;

  1. No such number/account exist on donor network
  2. Stolen (equipment or chip)
  3. Fraud reported on number
  4. Number blocked
  5. Account less than 30 days old
  6. Ownership change within 30 days

Licensing Procedure
There was no license procedure for the implementation of the MNP.  As part of the Mobile licence issued to the Operators, it was indicated in the license that when the Authority decides to implement MNP, all operators would be oblige to do so.  In this regard, all operators were in agreement with its implementation and also with a collaborative effort from all the stakeholders.
Porting XS B.V of Netherlands who won the bid for the implementation of the MNP was authorised by the Authority as a Value Added Service (VAS) provider to be able to offer the services in the country.
As part of the processes, a contract was signed between all the operators and porting XS B.V of Netherlands for the provision of the service.  NCA responsibility is to regulate the process and mediate when there are disputes.