Complaints Procedure

Procedures For Lodging A Consumer Complaint
Consumers of telecom services - who are not satisfied with services rendered to them by their service providers, have the right to redress by lodging formal complaints.

Below are the procedures for lodging complaints. These procedures have been outlined in the form of frequently asked questions and answers.
What is the first thing I should do when I’m not satisfied with the services of my telecom service provider?
You should first contact the service provider whose services or products you are not happy or satisfied with.
Service Providers are mandated to have Complaints Forms which must be available to subscribers.
In a situation where the issue is not satisfactorily resolved by the service provider, you may call the Consumer & Corporate Affairs Division of the NCA to lodge your complaint.
What are the procedures involved in lodging a complaint with the NCA?
A dissatisfied consumer can lodge a complaint by:

Completing a Consumer Complaint Form (CCF) which can be obtained from the NCA Website: or from any of the NCA offices listed below. The CCF must be completed and sent to the Consumer & Corporate Affairs Division of the NCA.
Writing a letter to the NCA. This letter can either be handwritten or typed but must be legible, concise, not more than two (2) A4 pages and signed.
Calling the NCA Complaint and Enquiry Unit on (+233)0307-011419 to lodge your complaint.
Walking into any of the NCA offices to lodge your complaints.
You can file complaint through the web site at
Your complaint can also be sent to us through emailing at
What information must be provided in my formal complaint?
You must state your name, address, phone number(s), fax, e-mail, name of Service Provider and the type of complaint.

You must give a brief explanation of the circumstance that led to your complaint, stating the time and date you lodged your first complaint with the Service Provider. Copies of any relevant supporting documents such as service agreement, bills, contracts, promotional leaflets etc which would assist in our investigations should be provided.
What happens when a consumer's complaint is received by NCA?
The NCA analyses the complaint and starts investigations immediately. Where the Authority is satisfied that the service provider has breached the terms of its contract with the consumer, or contravened the provisions of the Electronic Communications Act, the Authority will file a formal complaint with the Service Provider and give feedback to the Consumer.
Will the NCA get back to the consumer on the outcome of the complaint?
Yes, where investigations are concluded in less than 48 hours, the dissatisfied consumer will be reached by phone or e-mail otherwise he/she will be communicated to in writing, on the outcome of the review.
Do I have to pay for this service?
NO! All services rendered by the Complaints Unit of the NCA are FREE OF CHARGE.
Can an aggrieved consumer sue the service provider in a law court over a breach of contract?
Yes, However, in line with the provision of the Electronic Communications Act 2008 Act 775 84 (1), a dissatisfied consumer should first seek redress with the Service Provider and if unresolved report to the NCA. A court action may be considered a last option.